ColdFusion 8 Certification

I took the ColdFusion 8 certification exam today, and I passed it. What i found was, however, that it was a little more in depth than the previous versions of the exams. The previous ColdFusion certification exams had about 1/4 of the questions on general web development and HTML. The Adobe ColdFusion exam had 64 questions which were all ColdFusion related, and they touched on quite a few topics that a typical developer would not use in an everyday development shop.

The exam covered questions covering topics such as:

  • Application Framework (Application.cfc)
  • Handling exceptions
  • Databases
  • XML
  • Code Reuse
  • File management

I believe the test generates random questions so that each test is different. If thats the case, then I am sure more topics were included in the exam.

After taking the exam, I would recommed developers brush up on the new tags and functions included in ColdFusion 8. The cfimage, cfpdf and the cfdocument tags were included in the test questions I received. The were also one or two LDAP questions as well.

Currently there is no study guide for the CF8 certification so you are on your own to find resources to study for this exam. If you have been previously certified in ColdFusion 7 then I think you can probably get through this painlessly by just brushing up on your old skills and learning the new tags and functions.